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Our office only accepts private health insurance from clients in Germany

We can help you with

Most frequent questions and answers

1:1 Coaching

I will get to know you and offer a supportive plan to help you reach your goals.

Personal Development

Offering our best top of the Chart,  Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program

Courses & Resources

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How to get started

Book a free video consultation

Book a 15-20 min free video consultation. During the free video consultation, I’ll ask you about the reasons you’re considering joining mindshiftmethods, share the ways I think I can help, and answer any questions you might have.

Get familiarised with the process

During the video consultation I will answer your questions, advice you on what course or membership program is best for your situation and schedule your initial intake consultation.

Attend your initial intake consultation

I will get to know you and offer a supportive plan to help you reach your goals

Therapy Services

  • Initial Intake Interview 55 Min. $149
  • Adult Therapy 55 Min. $99
  • Intensive Therapy Package $349 / month
  • NARP Therapy Package $159 / month
    ( 6 months Narcsisstic Abuse Recovery Program)
  • Erstgespräch PKV 50 Min. Vergütung nach GOÄ
  • Erstgespräch Selbstzahler 50 Min EUR 99

Supplemental Service

  • Phone Consultation $5/min
  • Between-Session Phone, Text & Email Contact- per 15 min $49

Consultation Services

  • Professional Consultation 55 min $99
  • Business Consultation 55 Min $99

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