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Individual Online Therapy & Consultations

Therapy for adults is important for everyone to live a happier life. Life is a complicated recipe of hurt and joy, and nobody makes it to adulthood without scars. If you’re coping with symptoms of narcissistic abuse, having trouble focusing or experiencing anxiety; If you want to break the cycle of abuse, grow your business or simply want to experience more joy in your life, I can help. The key to my success? You won’t be treated like a patient. Instead, you’ll feel like a trusted friend — one we’ll engage with openly and collaboratively to create real change. Whether this is your first time meeting with a me or you’ve been in therapy since childhood, you’ll feel welcome and safe with me.

Psychodynamic Therapy For Adults Psychodynamic Therapy is an in-depth form of talk therapy with roots in psychoanalysis. Guided by me, clients share their innermost fears, desires, and challenges, in an uncensored stream of consciousness. The goal is the remission of symptoms, with clients often achieving ongoing improvements in all areas of life. Like many other therapeutic interventions , this type of therapy aims to identify, acknowledge, express, and overcome negative feelings that may be holding the client back. By releasing these feelings and understanding their latent impact, patients are able to make peace with painful pasts and tackle future issues on their own. Confidence increases with catharsis, with lasting results
As both a medical doctor and a business owner, C.P. Kloucek has the acumen and expertise to coach you to business success. She will help you overcome symptoms of narcissistic abuse, sharpen decision making, address mental roadblocks, nurture leadership development, and increase organizational efficiency. She can help you improve productivity, work with enhanced focus and build a network of lasting business relationships.
Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is the ultimate treatment technique for the goal-oriented client. Rather than exploring past problems and pathologies, SFBT allows the client to pose a question or problem and work with the therapist to explore solutions and answers. The idea behind this approach is that the client innately knows what is needed to resolve his or her problems. Here, the therapist is a facilitator, not a solver.

The foundation of SFBT is goal setting. After clarifying what the client wants, I question the client as to what they hope to achieve through therapy and how the client anticipates their life will change if their problems were solved. This inquiry helps me frame a plan of action. It includes the miracle question: “If a miracle happened while you slept tonight, what would be different in your life tomorrow?” This question opens the client’s mind to creative thinking, goal-setting, and plan creation that can lead to life-changing solutions.
MindShiftMethods offers individual online therapy services & consultations to clients worldwide. We use a video-call application called VSee that’s designed specifically for healthcare use. It’s similar to Zoom, but its full-encryption and HIPPA-compliance keeps your privacy preserved and sessions confidential.

Symptom’s of narcissistic abuse :

1) Self esteem
2) Borderline Personality disorder
3) Business coaching