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Claudia Patricia Kloucek, M.D.

Founder + Medical Doctor

Claudia Patricia Kloucek, MD is a medical doctor, licensed in Germany and the UK. She holds a certificate of full registration as a medical practitioner at the UK General Medical Council (GMC). C.P. Kloucek is a former psychiatry & psychotherapy resident physician and owns MindShiftMethods, an online narcissistic abuse recovery program. She has experience conducting therapy pertaining to narcissistic abuse recovery, trauma and personality disorders.

As the Founder of MindShiftMethods, C.P. Kloucek helps clients overcome symptoms of narcissistic abuse and trauma, shift their mindset, grow their business and achieve overall life improvement.


The basis of her narcissistic abuse recovery program is a therapeutic concept based on an online course curriculum, individual analytical psychodynamic therapy and group therapy sessions. C.P. Kloucek’s narcissistic abuse recovery program is supplemented by guided meditations and hypnosis


C.P. Kloucek, MD holds a licence as a medical doctor at Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, Germany. She is also a registered as a medical practitioner in the UK. She completed her medical internship among others at Psychiatric Hospital University Basel, Switzerland.

She then received training as a Ph.D. student at the Psychiatric Hospital and Day Clinic of the University of Munich in the department of Molecular and Clinical Neurobiology within the framework of her clinical doctoral thesis on Genetic Risk Factors in relation to Schizophrenia.

C.P. Kloucek received resident physician training in the Clinic for Psychiatry & Psychotherapy Menterschwaige Munich and the Asklepios Hospital Hamburg Nord Ochsenzoll within the department of personality disorders and trauma with focus on training in relationship-centred psychodynamic borderline therapy.

Former psychiatric residence training at hospital Menterschaige

The Dynamic Psychiatric Clinic Menterschwaige is a specialist hospital for inpatient psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, which treats patients from the age of 18. The main emphasis of the work in the Menterschwaige Clinic is the psychiatric-psychotherapeutic treatment of personality disorders, in particular borderline disease, as well as affective, schizophrenic and psychosomatic disorders. During her work, Ms. Kloucek was entrusted with the psychiatric and psychotherapeutic treatment of patients. She was employed in the psychiatric ward, the hospital area for medical admission and in oncall service. The latter covers the entire psychiatric and general medical care of the hospital at night time.

She cared for patients with acute as well as with chronic affective or schizophrenic psychoses, some seriously ill patients of other psychiatric groups such as patients with personality disorders, dependency disorders (after physical withdrawal), post-traumatic stress disorders, adjustment disorders, coercion and behavioural abnormalities in adolescence

Ms Kloucek's tasks were to examine and treat the Patients and in the preparation of diagnostic documentation and medical histories. She regularly created initial intake interviews pertaining to psychodynamic, social, biographical and family-dynamic aspects. She masters the rules of suicide prophylaxis

Ms. Kloucek is trained in supportive psychodynamic psychotherapy, crisis intervention techniques and in the indication of professional and social psychiatric rehabilitation measures.She has acquired in-depth knowledge and practical experience in the independent implementation of psychodynamic analytical individual psychotherapy in the entire field of mental illness.She was co-director of a bi-weekly double-hourly, continuous analytical group psychotherapy sessions.

C.P.Kloucek furthered her specialisation with attending research and training programmes including :

- Suicide and suicide prevention
- Bipolar Disorders : Diagnostics and Therapy
- Systems biology of Schizophrenia